ICFA Covid-19 Policy

The IAFA Executive Board is as concerned as you are about the state of pandemic, and we are keeping a close eye on the situation. At this point we are still planning to go ahead with the physical conference. We are unable to offer a virtual option, but welcome those who decide not to attend to consider our new annual October virtual event.

In response to the situation, we have amended somewhat the rider to the Code of Conduct, and the new one reads as follows. We appreciate your understanding, and we hope for a return to a safer environment by March. Thank you!

  1. The IAFA ​requests that ​all attendees be vaccinated, and, if appropriate, boosted.  Please consider taking a Covid test within 72 hours prior to traveling.
  2. Because your health and that of those around you are important to us, in accordance with CDC Guidelines, IAFA requests that attendees wear masks in all indoor spaces used by IAFA during the conference. Masks are available at Registration.   
  3. If at any point you are feeling ill, please do not come into the public spaces of the hotel. The hotel front desk can assist you in securing transportation to a Covid testing site or other emergency care location.   
  4. Maintain a safe social distance from all other attendees (unless permission to come closer has specifically been granted), especially when indoors. ​Attendees will be provided with three button pins (red, yellow, and green), each color indicating a different comfort level with social contact, that they may choose to attach to their badges. Violating the safe social distance requirement may result in a charge of harassment, which will be handled as outlined in the IAFA Code of Conduct procedure.  
  5. Chairs in session rooms are set ​two to three feet apart. Please do not move them closer together.   
  6. Do not harass or intimidate any attendee or hotel employee for their views or actions on masking or vaccination.  Any action of this kind will be considered harassment under the terms of the IAFA Code of Conduct and a violation will be handled as detailed in that document. Polite requests to maintain social distancing and polite requests to wear a mask when interacting with an individual are not considered harassment. Similarly, refusing to engage in conversation with unmasked persons is not considered harassment. All attendees must take the steps they feel appropriate to protect their health.  

On behalf of the IAFA Board, I wish you good health and a successful 2022.


Dale Knickerbocker

IAFA President

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