Upload Files for ICFA 42

1. Create your presentation files. Keep in mind that viewers will have to be able to play them regardless of the hardware and software they use, so it’s best to create each file in a widely used format. We suggest the following formats:

a. Text document format: PDF; maximum length: 1800 words;

b. PowerPoint slideshow with audio commentary format: PPTX or MP4; length: 10-15 minutes

c. Prezi presentation with audio commentary format: any exportable Prezi format; length: 10-15 minutes

d. A video recording format: MP4, MOV, WMV; length: 10-15 minutes

Some useful how-to resources:

2. To make the file easy to find, name it in the form [LastName] [FirstName] - [First words of the title of your presentation] 
where the names are the same as were used for your proposal.

For example, were your name Ursula Kroeber LeGuin giving a presentation entitled “Computing on Anarres – bureaucratic necessity or snake in the grass?”, you could name your file “LeGuin Ursula – Computing on Anarres”.

Spaces are allowed but please do not use letters with accents and diacritical marks in naming the files.

It is alright to name all the files associated with a given presentation the same as long as their file extensions are different. For example, given a document "LeGuin Ursula – Computing on Anarres.pdf", the accompanying presentation might be "LeGuin Ursula – Computing on Anarres.mp4".

3. Click on this link to be prompted for the file(s) to upload. https://www.dropbox.com/request/Cv88iGevAZxWRMuQ7yLy. Follow the instructions. 

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