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Group photo at ICFA 39, photo by Bill Clemente

As well as attending the annual conference, there are other ways to keep up with what’s happening in the IAFA and to participate in our communities.

Contact an officer or official

Executive Board

Check out the Member Directory On-Line

If your membership is up-to-date, you can access the on-line member directory.  This is a private directory, so you’ll need to log in with the email address and password you chose for your account. Information displayed for each member depends on that person’s preferences indicated in their profile.

“Like” the IAFA on Facebook

Our group is International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts (IAFA).

Follow the IAFA on Twitter

Follow us. We tweet as @IAFA_TW and the tag for each conference is ICFAxx where xx is the number. For example, the 2021 conference tag is #ICFA42.

Subscribe to the IAFA site feed

The URL is Or click here if you have a feed reader already installed in your browser.

Join the IAFA general (public) Google Group

This unmoderated Google Group is intended to be an environment for friendly and reasoned discussion of issues in the field for teachers, scholars, and seriously interested folks.

If you have a gmail account, log in, go to and search "All Groups and Messages" for "IAFA General". When our group name and description appear, which indicate clearly that it's our group, click on the "into" icon on the far right to join the group.

If you don't have a gmail account, email the tech officer at <> and indicate whether you'd like to receive each email individually as it is posted to the group, a digest of up to 25 complete messages once/day, or an abridged summary of up to 150 messages once/day.

Join the IAFA Student Caucus (SCIAFA) Facebook group

SCIAFA Facebook group

Join the Fairy Tales and Folk Narratives listserv

This is an unmoderated list for teachers, scholars, and folks seriously interested in fairy tales and folk narratives.

IAFA-FT Discussion List Subscription Form

Join the Gothic and Horror Literature listserv

IAFA-GaH Discussion List Subscription Form

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