If you are presenting, make sure to have created or renewed your IAFA membership for the coming year before registering for the conference because you must be a current member to present.

Use the same email address that is on record for your IAFA membership to register for the conference. This is imperative because the 1st VP and the membership and registration coordinator cross check the membership and registration of all scheduled presenters.

Click here for 2021 pricing.

Register here:  https://iaftfita.wildapricot.org/event-3870896

Dates and times for registration purposes are reckoned by local time in Orlando, Florida. 

The association normally accepts payments by credit card. If you would like to pay by check instead, use the system to register for the conference but do not pay for it. Instead, look for an (unpaid) invoice in your e-mail, print out a copy, and mail that, along with your check, to:

Bill Clemente, IAFA Treasurer
Peru State College
600 Hoyt Street
Peru, NE 68421

Note: The ICFA will not issue refunds for conference registration and associated fees after February 1. Exceptions can be appealed to the Board.

ICFA 42 is a virtual event. Do not book a hotel room.

We also urge members who are able to contribute to this fund to do so at Donate to Support Students. These donations will be added to the following year’s assistance fund in the hopes of offering additional awards. Recipients will be decided by blind draw, and will receive a check in the appropriate amount at the end of the conference.

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