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Membership is obligatory for conference presenters and includes a subscription to the JFA (Journal for the Fantastic in the Arts.)
  • International membership includes the World outside North America.
  • Joint membership is available for spouses and life partners as a "bundle" with one party taking on the role of "bundle manager."
  • North America membership includes the USA, Canada, and Mexico.
  • Student membership is available only for people currently enrolled in a degree-granting program at the bachelor level or higher.
  • Underemployed membership is for anyone who has insufficient funds to join the IAFA otherwise.
  • Special No Benes is a placeholder "membership" to enable invited authors who aren't members to register for the conference. Does not include JFA subscription. These memberships must be approved by the membership coordinator.
The IAFA membership period is for one year from start or renewal date. Members are sent renewal notices beginning two weeks before year's end.

Note: The ICFA does not share your personal or membership information with anyone unless you ask us to except that we share address information of members who have added subscriptions through their membership with the association to the appropriate journals. You control whether and how much of your personal information is included in the member directory (accessible only by members) through your own privacy settings. 

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