IAFA Conference “Netiquette” Guidelines

Part 1: Statement of Principles

1.    The IAFA Board recognizes that some people may have concern about circulating pre-recorded talks or written papers through online media. Therefore, while we will provide server hosting for all papers and presentations, they may be in written, voice-over or video formats.
2.    As with in-person meetings, all aspects of the IAFA Code of Conduct will be in effect for interactions on any media (videoconferencing software, email, social media) that is prompted by the programming offered by the 2021 IAFA Conference.
3.    Also consistent with regular IAFA policy, any recording of discussion sessions, presentations and panels by individual attendees is forbidden. Further, uploaded conference presentations and papers may not be downloaded or shared by anyone but the author. Finally, the usual academic sanctions against plagiarism are considered to be in effect.
4.    Presenters will be able to request that audience members refrain from live tweeting about their specific presentation for any reason, and audience members are expected to honor this request.

Part 2: Policy for Participation in Online Session

1.    The default setting for attendees should be to have microphones muted.
2.    For panels, speakers will unmute to engage in discussion or presentation.
3.    Attendees may choose to participate with the video on or video off.
4.    For panels, questions will begin only once the moderator invites questions. Do not interrupt the speakers to pose questions.
5.    Questions will only be accepted through the chat box, and will be read by the moderator.
6.    Attendees are free to comment on the chat board as well as ask questions.
7.    No screen sharing will be allowed during discussion sessions and panels except by scheduled speakers.
8.    As in face-to-face meetings, discussions should be conducted in a civil way. Although a diversity of opinions is welcomed, the use of offensive language that denigrates individuals or groups (as per the Code of Conduct) is strictly forbidden.
9.    Violations of this policy can result in sanctions parallel to those for other violations of the Code of Conduct, including expulsion from the session, restriction from participation in further online sessions, and potentially even be banned from the Conference, depending on the severity of the event. Allegations of policy violation will be investigated parallel to the provisions in the existing Code of Conduct.
10.    All Zoom backgrounds must adhere to our Code of Conduct.


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