The Dell Magazines Award for Undergraduate Excellence in Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing (formerly the Isaac Asimov Award for Undergraduate Excellence in Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing) was established by Asimov’s Science Fiction magazine and the International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts in 1993 to promote the writing of science fiction and fantasy by college undergraduates. The first award was first given in 1994 at the annual Conference on the Fantastic.

The $500 award goes to the best unpublished and unsold science fiction or fantasy short story submitted by a full-time undergraduate college student. The winner and other finalists are invited to the IAFA annual Conference on the Fantastic in mid-March in Orlando, FL, and the winning story is published on the magazine’s website:

The award was co-founded by Asimov’s Science Fiction magazine Editor Sheila Williams and Western Colorado University professor and writer Dr. Rick Wilber and they are the judges for the award. The award is co-sponsored by Dell Magazines and the International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts and supported by the Graduate Program in Creative Writing: Low-Residency MA/MFA in Genre Fiction at Western Colorado University. There is a $5 entry fee per story and a class-project group rate of $15. Students can submit their stories at

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For more information, contact Dr. Rick Wilber at 

Past Winners of the Dell Award

Year Author Work
Jack Hawkins"Hellish Takeout"
Jazmin Collins"My Gardening Journal: Tales from a Psychic Gardener"
Rona Wang“Imitation Game”
2019 Ana Maria Curtis “Military Sunset”
2018 Arthur Davis “Happy? Sad?”
2017 Taimur Ahmad “Noor”
2016 Rani Banjarian “Lullabies in Arabic”
2015 Kayla Chronister “How the Blood Spills”
2014 Rich Larson “Nostalgia Calculator”
2013 Lara Donnelly “To the Dogs”
2012 Rebekah Baldridge “Superposition”
2011 Seth Dickinson “The Immaculate Conception of Private Ritter”
2010 Rachel Sobel “The Dead Star, the Satirist, and the Soldier”
2009 Josh Eure “We Were Real”
2008 Stephen Leech “Blank, White and Blue”
2007 Natty Bokenkamp “The Uncanny Valley”
2006 Meghan Sinoff “Shift”
2005 Anthony Ha “Around the World”
2004 Anthony Ha “Orbiting”
2003 Bryn Neuenschwander “Calling into Science”
2002 Lena DeTar “Making Waves”
2001 Mark Jacobsen “Conquering Europa”
2000 Beth Adele Long “Repeating Patterns”
1999 Marissa Lingen “In the Gardens and the Graves”
1998 Emily Thornbury “The Wormholes”
1997 David Kirtley “Lest we Forget”
1996 Dylan Otto Krider “He Believed in Probability”
1995 Shannon Fowler “The Cinderella Project”
1994 Eric Choi “Dedication”

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